John Oseni

John Oseni; Nigeria's 15 Year Old Crypto Guru And Author Of 4 Tech Books


Jan. 24, 2022, 2:28 p.m.

“I prefer to show results than talking”. These were the words of 15 year old John Oseni during a conversation with DT Africa. Earlier in the month, DT Africa had chanced on the young developer’s post on LinkedIn, which read, “ I have created a full web-based crypto wallet, token swapping, exchanger after 4-5 months of reading articles on schema codes, and researching on blockchain in general.”

John Oseni hails from Akure, Ondo State, Nigeria, where he attended Best Solution Primary school and later graduated to Command Day Secondary School. John also mentioned that he had double promotions in his educational journey. He recalled that he had once been interested in instruments, but his interests began to wan as he sought something more challenging after a while. Coincidentally, Kolawole Oluwasegun and Adebayo Moses from Green Garage passed through their school to give an overview of code writing.

“When they came to teach us how to write codes, they hosted a competition to test our knowledge, and out of 70 students, one girl and I emerged winners. They promised us prizes; however, we never received them. So I set off to their company to enquire about my award, and they offered me a one-week training program on code writing.

“After that week, I had really understood the concept of code writing and had scored a teaching opportunity with the company. I am only 15 years, yet I was teaching graduates, so I make sure to go to class before my students, clean the desk and wait for them to come,” John commented.

Today, John is a multitasking software developer (Web development, mobile development, blockchain development, and cyber security). He has developed a prototype web-based crypto wallet, token swapping, exchanger ready to launch in February. Again, the developer has created the first-ever blockchain video-conferencing application.

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“When I started this, someone said it was not possible, but after spending months on research and receiving a lot of discouragement, I created the first blockchain-based video-conferencing application that is decentralised and secured. It has unique features to that of Google Meet and Zoom. I achieved this in 2021, and I am optimistic 2022 holds more for me.”

Additionally, John is the author of 4 books; Blockchain(web3), Cyber Security, Getting started with Node js and Space & Orbit. Blockchain(web3) launches this Friday. The innovator has also begun a YouTube series themed, Learn To Write Codes With John Oseni, the first of its kind.

“Blockchain is an emerging technology causing waves in other nations. Until Africans commit themselves to learn and Africa is abreast with this technology, many sectors will not grow.

“I will be 16 soon, yet there are more projects to implement, for instance, a spaceplane for space tourism because of my love for space stuff. I look up to Elon Musk in that regard because he is brilliant and ambitious, and I hope to make an impact like him one day. I am also working towards building 24 companies in Africa and building a robust economy with blockchain,” he finished.


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