Anaanse: The Two-Sided Platform Providing Early Talents Access To Internship Opportunities And Early Career Resources


March 16, 2023, 11:06 a.m.

During my participation at a job fair, I met a young man who had built a platform that would soon catapult many youths from one level of their career journey to the next. With his laptop in his armpit and book and pen in his hands, he frantically searched for users who could benefit from it. That was when we met.

His name is Elinam Quist, a problem solver, and observer who utilizes design, art, and technology as a means of proposing solutions. He currently holds the position as the lead designer at Full-ish Art, a creative agency based in Ghana that values creativity and authenticity. He also recently graduated from Regent University College of Science and Technology in Ghana, earning a BSc in Information Systems Science.

His product Anaanse was created with a simple yet powerful mission: to increase the employability of college students and early talents by providing access to more internship opportunities and early career resources. The inspiration for Anaanse was born out of a need for better support and resources for university students and early talents looking to jumpstart their careers.

“During my time in college, I noticed that most university career services didn't offer adequate assistance to help students find the right internships or resources to kickstart their careers. This lack of guidance left many students feeling overwhelmed and unsure of where to begin,” Elinam narrated.

“To better understand the problem, I conducted a survey and found that many students were unable to complete their required number of internships due to factors such as the lack of opportunities in their field of study, fear of rejection, and a shortage of paid internships. These experiences made it challenging for graduates to find jobs and secure better pay.”

To address this daunting issue, the founder’s goal is to empower early talents with the resources they need to launch successful careers and achieve their goals.

“At Anaanse, we firmly believe that everyone deserves the opportunity to achieve their dreams and pursue fulfilling careers. That's why we're dedicated to creating a world where early talents have access to the support and resources they need to thrive.”

How does the product work?


Anaanse is a two-sided marketplace designed to connect job seekers and employers. The difference with Anaanse is that it uniquely focuses on early career development, supporting talents throughout their entire journey from when they first enter school to when they finish.

Moreover, all the employers on the Anaanse platform are specifically seeking to hire college students or early talents, creating an equal playing field for all. “In contrast to other platforms, we prioritize early career development. In fact, a company can even specify that they are looking to hire students exclusively from a certain university,” the founder commented.

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To sign up, these are the steps to take.


For jobseekers/early talents:

  • Sign up and create a profile
  • Receive personalized job recommendations, events, and resources based on your profile
  • Share your projects and view employer profiles
  • Learn about open roles and company culture
  • Apply to jobs easily with just a few clicks

For employers:

  • Sign up and create an employer brand to attract early talents
  • Source talents with filters such as locations, institutions, and skill sets
  • Post job openings and descriptions
  • Build relationships with potential candidates through career fairs and events

Currently, Anaanse is in its private beta stage, which means that a select group of individuals have access to the platform. As of now, the platform has 37 private users, spread across Accra and Kumasi. During this private beta phase, users have the ability to create profiles, apply for internships, and employers can create profiles and post entry-level job opportunities.

Additionally, there are some exciting features in the pipeline that will allow early talents to showcase their projects rather than solely relying on their resumes. Furthermore, the platform will offer a feature that enables job seekers to express interest in particular employment opportunities and employers will also have the ability to view early talent profiles and invite them to apply for job roles. “We are thrilled about these developments and encourage you to keep an eye on us!”

Plans moving forward


The founder tells DT Africa that they plan for the product to become one of the largest early talent networks, connecting talented individuals with opportunities for growth and development.

“As a company, our aim is to grow rapidly and catalyze change within the early career landscape as quickly as possible. Our team currently comprises three members: myself (Elinam Quist), Jeremiah John Boateng, and Frank Zogli.”

“We are currently engaged in conversations with potential partners, both individuals and companies. In terms of investors, we are actively seeking someone to invest in our product. Although we have primarily focused on building the product thus far, we recognize the importance of securing investment and will soon begin actively searching for investors.”

“Stay tuned for our upcoming updates, including an improved platform and career fairs and events aimed at enhancing the early career landscape,” Elinam concluded.


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