Apple Launches New Iphone features To Enable Users Detect Tracker Apps

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June 28, 2020, 4:06 p.m.

If you own an iPhone, you must have received a notification that the latest IOS 13 update is ready to be downloaded. Besides the addition of the dark theme which is obvious, it has enhanced its security and privacy modes. Apple has designed features that warns users about apps and bluetooth connections that track people.

Apple users have received pop-ups notification asking them, if they agree to let an app track them whilst using their phones or track them the all the time. As part of the security measures, Apple introduced some features to safeguard users from being tracked.

Fine-tune Location Controls

The feature allows users to gain more control on apps that want to access their current location. It also allows users to either grant permission only when they are using the app or on a on time basis.

In iOS 12, users got occasional pop-ups reminding them of which apps are tracking their location. However, in IOS 13, users get to see more data of the app and an explanation as to why it wants to track them. If the user is not convinced it can deny the app access.

Block Bluetooth Access

In relation to the Bluetooth feature, before the launch of iOS 13 some apps were able to track the locations of users, without actually asking for permission to do so. Such apps took note of the public Wi-Fi networks when users passed by such areas. That feature has now been disabled in iOS 13. There is no longer an option for it or setting to toggle. The privacy feature is embedded in it automatically.

Set Permissions For Individual Websites

Also Safari for iOS 13, now lets users control access to the camera, the microphone, and their current location on a site-by-site basis. Users have total control on which sites can have access to their phones. The feature is managed through the Safari section of Settings. Cross-site tracking, where ad networks can follow you across multiple sites, is now prevented by default too. However, in iOS 12, it was optional.

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