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Bitcoin, Blockchain, And The Hottest New Job Market In Ghana

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July 5, 2021, 11:39 a.m.

Since the invention of Bitcoin in 2008, cryptocurrency has been a source of discussion for both its potential wealth creation and its technological innovation. As the popularity of Bitcoin and alternative cryptocurrencies spread, the value of these coins continues to rise as well. However, a more important source of up-and-coming wealth creation has unquestionably been within the space of entrepreneurship. Fundamentally, Bitcoin and alternative cryptocurrency projects are about technological development, not investment. In the past decade, the tech sector has seen tens of thousands of startups and entrepreneurial ventures created within the cryptocurrency industry. Be it markets like Yellow Card, or more specialized projects focused on the applications of Bitcoin and blockchain technology, these companies have created an unprecedented amount of employment opportunities. For nations such as Ghana, this wave of opportunity is just beginning.

The first step to understanding how Bitcoin and blockchain technology can create jobs for the unemployed and opportunity for entrepreneurs is to understand the currency itself. The digital currency, Bitcoin, provides low transaction fees and is not operated by a central authority. Bitcoin’s transparent and open-access nature is due to its public ledger technology known as “blockchain.” Thanks to its open-source nature, Bitcoin can avoid many of the pitfalls and disadvantages associated with central banks and government-issued fiat currency. This makes it the perfect solution for nations like Ghana who are experiencing numerous economic issues, and Bitcoin has created hundreds of solutions for other financial problems across the world.

Like many countries, unemployment problems in Ghana were only exacerbated by the recent COVID-19 international crisis. Governments have struggled to improve unemployment numbers as more traditional companies have closed their doors. One sector which has been largely immune to this struggle has been cryptocurrency. 2021 was an incredibly successful year for many of those involved in cryptocurrency and blockchain technology; investors saw high rewards, entrepreneurs saw growth, and aspiring workers found new job openings. Blockchain technology is at a rapid pace of evolution, and there is a massive opening for developers to join in on these fast-paced projects. Cryptocurrency has also provided jobs for more people than just those with technological know-how; customer service representatives, marketing specialists, local representatives, and more have all found a welcome home in this new and exciting world.

One example of an up-and-coming cryptocurrency company is Yellow Card. Yellow Card has focused on Africa as a prime market for Bitcoin development, and the overwhelming majority of its hires, from marketing to development, have been Africans. Yellow Card is particularly keen on becoming an educational source about Bitcoin and blockchain technology, in addition to providing a safe and convenient means of buying and selling of bitcoin. This educational source is expected to be a significant encouragement for those within Ghana who are looking to start their own blockchain-based projects. Yellow Card predicts that Bitcoin adoption and subsequent wealth creation will be an exciting new opportunity for many Ghanaians.

Yellow Card’s founder Chris Maurice added to this, saying, “Ghana will be a key nation to the future of Bitcoin. We expect the growth of the cryptocurrency sector within Ghana to be exponential.”

At the end of the day, there is a clear and exciting chance presented to Ghanaians: technological advancement and new jobs. Technology has made the wealthiest countries what they are today, and the brilliance of Ghana and its people are prime candidates for joining them. As more Ghanaians learn about cryptocurrency and its groundbreaking qualities, the world can expect new companies and new jobs to follow quickly after.

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