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Ghana’s Agricultural Sector To Experience A Surge; Thanks To AkoFresh



March 15, 2021, 1:12 a.m.

Thanks to AkoFresh, post-harvest losses in Ghana will be a thing of the past. AkoFresh is a three-member startup including a Ghanaian, a Finnish, and an Indian seeking to eradicate post-harvest loss in Ghana and ultimately Africa.

However, they are seeking to begin their pilot phase in Akomadan-Afrancho, a community in Kumasi.

The Green Cold Chain Enterprise offers farmers practical and affordable preservation services to put an end to post-harvest losses.

In effect, the startup has designed a storage technology, time-tested and reliable for the retention of crops. The storage technology is a solar-powered cooling technology that will keep crops specifically tomatoes fresh and extend their shelf life for 21 days under suitable temperatures.

According to co-founder Mathias Charles Yabe, they are looking at preserving tomatoes because that is the major loss for the locals due to their short shelf life.

He also stated they are seeking to provide solutions to farmers to enable them to sell farm produce at a reasonable rate.

“We are helping farmers sell their produce at a good price and not for cheap. Market women are known for cheating farmers when they realize there is a bounty harvest and farmers have no place to keep the produce. In this case, we are giving farmers the bargaining power instead of the buyer. With the farmer aware of our cooling technology, he would be confident in naming good prices for his produce and will be willing to hold on till a good buyer comes along” Charles told Digital Times Africa.

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According to the Food and Agricultural organization, agriculture contributes to 54% of Ghana’s GDP and accounts for over 40% of export earnings while providing over 90% of the food needs of the country.

In this light, AkoFresh projects to reduce the losses in Akomadan and Afrancho by 50% and increase farmers’ seasonal income by over $1 million in five years.

Recently the startup competed in the Fishbowl Challenge and emerged as winners with a $25,000 cash prize.

With this whopping amount, the startup will launch the project in Ghana and work towards scaling into Africa.


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