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Identitypass Introduces New Parent Brand 'Prembly' To Reflect Growth And Continued Expansion

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Sept. 28, 2022, 11:44 p.m.

Mainline Digitech, a leading digital innovation company in Africa providing seamless verification of individuals and businesses, has rebranded to Prembly. The new brand and visual identity will incorporate various products, including its flagship ID verification solution, Identitypass. The change represents the company's recent growth and commitment to providing a more robust infrastructure for compliance and security across Africa and beyond.

Lanre Ogunbe, CEO and co-founder at Prembly (parent brand of IdentityPass), commented, "Our new brand identity mirrors our global ambitions and the mission of making the Internet safe for everyone. We will continue to innovate in ways that meet client's needs and help them seamlessly adapt to industry trends and market changes."

Mainline Digitech was founded in 2019 to create better online experiences for Africans by providing businesses with top-notch compliance and KYC verification infrastructure. It launched Identitypass in 2020 as its maiden product and has a portfolio of nearly four hundred supported companies. The product offers innovative solutions, including data verification across five African countries, biometrics tools such as facial recognition technology, and document verification across over 30+ African countries and other regions like Europe. The company will continue to offer these top-notch solutions and add new products under the umbrella of Prembly.

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The new Prembly website showcases a fresh visual identity and new product offerings such as Identity Radar for fraud prevention and transaction monitoring; and Identity Form, a simple data form to collect pre-verified information securely. Visitors will also be presented with a rich client list that includes some of Africa's leading brands such as Polaris Bank, Kuda Bank, VFD Group, ChipperCash, TeamApt, Carbon, Bundle Africa, CredPal, Fair Money, and Spleet.

"We are excited about reaching more businesses across Africa and worldwide. With our new products for security (IdentityRadar) and business operations (Identity Form), we're making the overall brand more robust and ready to serve businesses in an increasingly digital world,” said Adeboye Oyeniyi, COO and Co-founder at Prembly.

About Prembly 

Prembly is a leading global technology company that provides compliance and security services. It powers the infrastructure that builds trust online between businesses and their customers and aims to make the internet safe for everyone. Prembly’s maiden product Identitypass, a leading KYC/compliance solution, was launched in 2020 and is Y Combinator-backed.

Prembly currently serves hundreds of brands in fintech, insurance, mobility, e-commerce, HR management, crypto, and many other sectors.

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