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Dec. 24, 2021, 10:57 a.m.

Many city folks face the trouble of getting errands done amidst the arduous task of being at work or in school. Some also face dilemmas in getting suitable and competent handymen like cleaners, plumbers, electricians, phone repairers etc., to fix their problems. Moreover, waste management is a considerable challenge in Accra, the capital of Ghana. Against this, Taskrol Limited has launched its services to solve these challenges.

Taskrol Limited is a Ghanaian-based, three-membered company focused on bridging the gap between handypersons and customers. Bless Tademe, the founder and CTO, web developer, Kwame Peters, CEO and Muniru Abdallah, COO, founded it four months ago. They are colleagues in East Airport International School. Tademe works as an IT support engineer and developer, and the others, teachers.

Before Tademe founded Taskrol Limited, he participated in an online Bootcamp, the African App Launchpad. He developed the app but unfortunately did not make it to the next stage because it was not functioning.

Now, the portal, taskrol.com, serves as a marketplace that conveniently connects service providers(krols) as they call them to households and companies that need specific services. These services include plastic waste pick up, handyman services, web and IT designs, CCTV installation, makeup artist, event management and planning, photography and videography, landscaping etc. The product is also available on Android and iOS.

According to the founder, their services intend to keep the city clean, produce reliable handypersons, and run errands promptly. In a nutshell, this utility application will reduce individuals’ stress.

“The purpose of this app is to forge a strategic relationship between clients and service providers leveraging the portal. We have also spoken with NVTI institutions about enrolling their graduates on the app from next year when an agreement is reached,” the founder stated.

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Speaking on functionality, before a handyman signs onto the platform, the company requests their ID cards, residential address and contact information. A call is immediately placed through for an interview before they are approved. The company tells DT Africa that the deed is done to prevent thieves and scammers from soiling the platform.

The easy-to-navigate application creates room for clients’ specificity. Depending on the client’s desire, for instance, an errand request, handyman services or picking of waste on demand, all the client needs to do is enter their requirements such as location, name, type of services required and time. The app, in its uniqueness, pops up an expert based on the skills or services required. Payment is made before or after delivery, depending on the client’s choice. Taskrol then charges a 15% fee on every successful transaction.

“The business has a window of opportunities to introduce its services and gain a significant piece of the market space. The new utility application caters for a wide range of customers. Although we have served a few people; family, and friends, we are working towards getting funding to create more awareness. We also look forward to collaborations,” Tademe said.


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