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Revolutionary Thinker: How A Young Man Successfully Built Three Tech Businesses


Sept. 22, 2022, 3:14 a.m.

If you know an entrepreneur or are one, you would know that entrepreneurship is no playground; the hassle, the brain-racking, the less sleep, the coffee moments, all to stay afloat on your game. Now, it is worth mentioning when a young African, amidst Africa's unstable and fragile systems, does not only establish one tech business but successfully sets up three. Here is the story of Uke Enun, a young Nigerian who successfully built three tech businesses.

Uke is on a mission and with a vision. At the core, he loves to build and create global solutions, more recently - for entrepreneurs. Most of his background has been in marketing, digital technology, and finance. He came to self-actualization at the early age of 16 and has never looked back since.

For the past six years, he has quickly learned how to think, which has helped him creatively design new solutions to different challenges throughout his journey.

Three such solutions are Movefunds, GoNomand, and Savvyroom.

Movefunds helps Africans easily receive global payments and local currency settlement in minutes. It powers African entrepreneurs, freelancers, and remote workers with international payment gateways, foreign bank accounts, and digital wallets to enable them to receive payments globally, easily, and swiftly. Easily, because the user only needs to generate a unique link on its web app - nothing complicated, swiftly because it settles the payment in the user's bank account within 30 minutes or less.

Established in December 2021, MoveFunds' solution is to connect hardworking and talented African entrepreneurs to the international market, thereby increasing the participation of young African entrepreneurs in today's connected world. Uke tells DT Africa that his team built and launched the MVP within seven days.

"At the start of the year, I needed to collect an international payment, and I used the existing local payment processors to no avail. This frustrated me and led me down a research rabbit hole searching for a solution, not another hack."

"After a few weeks to months, I figured something out. I tested it in my private digital agency at the time, and it worked. I thought to myself, if I had this problem, then at least 1,000 other people would be experiencing something similar. The only way to validate my solution would be to try it out with other people and in other businesses."

"Before they became my co-founders, they were my friends who helped test out my new international payment solution. It worked for them too, and soon enough, we expanded our testing base to many more entrepreneurs until we believed it was rock-solid enough for public use."

"It has always been interesting to me how simpler it is to pay abroad than to receive from abroad. This influenced our decision to launch; we believe people are tired of hacks and need a solution."

"At Movefunds, we explore solutions beyond payments and simplify operations for freelancers in emerging economies."

His next tech company, GoNomad, is the one-stop platform for entrepreneurs in emerging economies to expand and sell into global economies. With GoNomad, anyone can set up a company in the USA, U.K., and UAE at the moment, get tax registration, open bank accounts, and access international payment processors on one platform.

All the user has to do is sign up with basic information, no paperwork, select their company preferences, submit an I.D., and they're good to go. Over 14 - 21 business days, they'd receive timely and automated updates regarding each phase of their global company until completion and onboarding.

Many entrepreneurs in emerging economies such as Africa often miss out on the value captured for their business abroad. GoNomand's research also found that an international customer's average cart value is sometimes more significant than the local equivalent. GoNomad exists to improve the brand equity, trust, and ease of doing business abroad for entrepreneurs looking to sell into global economies.

GoNomad looks forward to its beta-test global presence solutions for entrepreneurs, not just their businesses. "We believe any entrepreneur who decides to build their business while living in another jurisdiction from where they are should be able to."

The third, Savvyroom, now defunct, was a platform to empower young adults with digital skills while matching them with practical internships after their learning period.

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How he made it

For Uke, goal-setting, reasonable targets, structure, and disciplined systems are the drivers of his success. "Anything that must grow must have reasonable targets and disciplined systems," the visionary opines.

The targets ensure that growth is measurable, while the systems guarantee product/service creation and delivery, distribution, marketing and sales, finance control, talent operations, and overall efficiency.

Starting a company is not about the passion for your line of work; it's about understanding that you must keep learning and implementing appropriate business practices designed for growth. Setting up structures in a company is challenging, but it's all worth it.

Interestingly, as of this writing, Uke and his team have received no external funding but have ridden on personal funds and have been creative with resources to get this far. The team has experience in vital business areas, which has tremendously put them in a growth shape. This clearly affirms Ms. Constance Swaniker's words that although funding is essential, most startups need capacity. However, the founder states that the team is very much open to funding.

The success story

The founder claims that they have gained the trust of almost 3,000 users at Movefunds, who have received hundreds of thousands of dollars from international clients.

He also shares with DT Africa that they have consulted and worked with over 1,000 entrepreneurs from Africa, Europe, North America, and the Middle East at GoNomad.

"We have been excited about these numbers for less than a year now, and we know we are only just getting started."

We will keep innovating around simplifying global business and payment flows for our users.

We have a suite of practical features to be added to our solutions that will ensure anyone looking to capture value from any part of the world can do so seamlessly.

All the companies are incorporated in multiple jurisdictions; Nigeria, the United States, and The United Kingdom. The team is also distributed across three countries presently.


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