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Spotlight On A Creative Genius, Why He Calls Himself A Multipotentialite

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Oct. 19, 2022, 4:03 p.m.

Derek Asare Amoah is a Ghanaian Multipotentialite, a creative dabbling in photography, videography, graphic designing, content creation, and cinematography. He's also picked up skills as an Illustrator, product designer(UI/UX), and 3D artist.

Furthermore, Derek is an artiste, beatmaker, music producer, composer, and mixing engineer. "Coding and Web Development is probably where I draw the line to my learning curve."

What's more, the creative has had music he produced featured on Netflix and HBO. He's also had Ghanaian musicians such as Sarkodie, E.L, and M.anifest, Nigerian acts like Ice Prince, M.I Abaga, and Grammy Award-winning afrobeats artiste Burna Boy on his productions that did quite well. Now you understand why he calls himself a Multipotentialite.

"I used to want to be a part of the majority that stuck to a particular skill because it felt like the easier rational route. However, after experiencing the synergy and results I produce when I put all my skills to work, It all made sense."

The young creative has also been a video editor for the Ghanaian food channel Telande World for two years. Telande usually posts videos of African recipes, an effort to rebrand African cuisine and recipes. Derek was also responsible for the background music they use to this day.

His popular work was his time as a Graphic designer at the Multimedia Group, where he worked for nearly two years as part of their creative team. The Multipotentialite was in charge of all artworks for their lead station, Joy FM, which changed their look entirely. "To this day, the artworks they post are as a result of my templates(even though they aren't always used as I would have intended)," Derek stated.

Derek says that pinpointing the exact creativity trigger has always been hard to answer. However, the near motivation has always been his curiosity and the three questions he constantly asks himself when he stumbles on art that appeals to his inward artistry. "How was that achieved?" "Could I do it?" "What do I have to lose by trying to?"

Such curiosity has propelled him to learn much and made him stand out. He recently landed a content creation job with Shogun, an Asian restaurant in Accra. This led to a social media management gig with MOKA's, a food & delivery brand housed under the same company.

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YouTube has always been the creative's go-to platform for design and music production lessons; until recently, he subscribed to Skillshare for its well-curated courses.

For designing, Derek uses Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Lightroom, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Premier Pro, Adobe After Effects, Adobe Indesign, Adobe Dimension, Figma, Cinema 4d, and Zbrush. The artistic genius uses Fl Studio, Studio One, Cubase, and Adobe Audition for his music.

"As awesome on paper as it is, having all these skills can take a mental, physical and emotional toll if one isn't strong-willed or self-disciplined enough. It's not the ideal way for everyone. I did not choose to be like this," Derek explained how he's managed to balance his workload.

"The absence of a 9-5 job has been instrumental. Planning and to-do lists do not always work for me because most of the things I do are inspired; thus, a song I hear could trigger an idea for a beat, and I will have to lay that down even though I may have planned to work on a design."

"Client work is the exception to the rule, of course. These bills don't pay themselves. Dedication, constant practice, and the flight mode button. Learning a new skill is really not the challenge; it is maintaining the drive once you begin and warding off any distractions while you do."

Currently, the genius works with the Ghanaian branch of Germany's Goethe Institut, Reseau Afrique, a digital marketing agency, and New Reign, a record label and publishing company in the U.K. Dere have done some work with brands like Fan Milk, Maggi via Telande, Nescafe Ghana & Hubtel.

"As I live, I am studying to get better every day, and I find it quite fun, to be honest. This also has me taking my occasional monthly and weekly breaks very seriously when I do."

"I believe in having my work speak for me, so I never really had to "brand" myself to anyone. I am not even as active on social platforms, and I am working on that as we speak because I know it fuels getting to the work out to the world."

"Keep improving your skill(s) and let your work speak for you. On that note, I'd suggest finding a platform like Linkedin learning, Skillshare, or Youtube, whatever fits your budget, where you can keep improving your skills," Derek concluded.


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