Cybersecurity In Africa: Many Still Believe Cybercrime ‘Won’t Affect Them’


Mar. 13, 2023

The survey found that 71% access the internet through their mobile networks, overlapping with the 71% who access the internet through home Wi-Fi, and 36% who go online through work/office networks, while 12% access the … read more


Surge In African Cybercrime Activities And How Businesses Can Survive


Oct. 28, 2022

Startups face many challenges; the biggest one is cyber attacks. On top of this, customers' faith gets startled too, and they start thinking that their data is not safe too. It is super bad for … read more


Notorious Cybercriminal ‘Dr. Hex’ Caught In Morocco After Two Years Of Investigation


Jul. 09, 2021

The suspect is believed to have targeted thousands of unsuspecting victims through global phishing scams, credit card fraud, defacing websites, inflicting banks and companies with malware, and developing ‘kits’ sold to others cybercriminals to enable … read more