Dream VC Launches Its Third Talent Accelerator Program For Aspiring African Investors


Mar. 16, 2023

The investor accelerator targets experienced professionals and entrepreneurs with at least five years of professional experience. read more


Fund Of Funds Launches In Ghana To Unlock $75M Of Funding For Local Capital Providers


Mar. 09, 2023

Impact Investing Ghana (IIGh) has begun the operational setup of its Ci-Gaba fund of funds, which seeks to unlock US$75 million in local and international funding for local capital providers read more

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Catalyst Fund Programs 2022 Is Looking For Inclusive Fintech And Digital Commerce Companies


Sep. 21, 2022

The Catalyst Fund program is actively looking for early-stage startups that improve the resilience of underserved and climate-vulnerable communities in emerging markets. read more


Uncap 2022 Cohort Is Giving Founders Access To Funding


Sep. 20, 2022

Uncap provides innovative, automated, and unbiased funding to early-stage founders in sub-Saharan Africa. The program invests ticket sizes of between 10,000 EUR and 50,000 EUR using a remote, data-driven, and mainly automated process. read more

TimX Accra Angela Lusigi Small Size.

Ghana To host Timbuktoo AgriTech Pan-African Innovation Hub


Aug. 22, 2022

The timbuktoo initiative aims to mobilize and invest one billion dollars of public and private capital over ten years, intending to spark the startup revolution in Africa. read more


Gabon’s Tiny Startup Scene Looks For Anglophone Investment


Jul. 20, 2022

The move has bolstered hopes among the company’s tiny startup scene that English and American funds may soon start to take notice of Gabon read more