Linkedin Launches AI Features For Job Descriptions, Profile Summary


Mar. 16, 2023

The new tool, which LinkedIn is experimenting with, will scan user profiles. The company plans to expand its access to all premium subscribers over the course of a few months. read more


How LinkedIn Can Help You Find New Clients


Oct. 17, 2022

Many describe LinkedIn as an online version of your business card. However, unlike a traditional business card, LinkedIn is a targeted marketing platform designed to connect you with your ideal clients. read more


7 Tips For Using Your Linkedin Profile As Your Personal Branding Website


Dec. 27, 2021

This simply means that your LinkedIn profile page could be the first and last impression that someone — a potential client, investor, employer, mentor or friend — could have of your personal brand. read more


LinkedIn Introduces New Audio Clip Feature To Aid In Name Pronunciation


Jul. 08, 2020

LinkedIn has rolled out a new feature on its user profiles; the option to upload a 10-second audio clip telling others how to pronounce your name. read more