East African Survey Deep Dives Into Challenges And Opportunities Faced By The Region’s Tech Startup Ecosystem


Mar. 27, 2023

A new survey reveals lack of access to investors, reliance on international VCs, and global recession trends as the biggest perceived barriers for East African tech start-ups to access funds as COVID-19 has slowed down … read more


AWIEF Opens Registration For The 2023 Africa Women Innovation And Entrepreneurship Forum


Mar. 23, 2023

AWIEF has become Africa's leading entrepreneurship, innovation, and technology platform, bringing together more than 1,300 entrepreneurs and startups, industry experts, thought leaders, policy drivers, and change-makers from across Government read more

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Klarah Is Enabling Africans In The Diaspora Have More Control Over Their Family's Health Remittances


Mar. 21, 2023

Klarah closes the gap between virtual care and hospital care as the platform is able to match nurses to clients based on patients' needs, carers' experience, and their proximity to each other. read more


LikePlayLikePlay Wants To Remove The Online Dating Stigma And Clean Up The Space For Decent Dating


Mar. 20, 2023

Called LikePlayLikePlay, the platform is tailored to keep it clean, decent, and attractive and will focus on middle to high-income professionals, and career and business folks who want quality in their relationships read more


Dream VC Launches Its Third Talent Accelerator Program For Aspiring African Investors


Mar. 16, 2023

The investor accelerator targets experienced professionals and entrepreneurs with at least five years of professional experience. read more


How Biometrics Can Fuel Inclusive Growth In Nigeria’s ICT Sector


Mar. 16, 2023

iiDENTIFii is in the process of rolling out its offering in over 20 countries across Africa following increased demand from both new and existing clients who require a trusted identity verification (IDV) partner in various … read more