This Deep Learning AI Tool Is Helping Radiologists Detect Breast Cancer Cells And Brain Tumors


Oct. 18, 2021, 3:30 p.m.

Medical images play an essential role in the detection and diagnosis of numerous diseases. Ranging from anatomical information, functional activities, molecular and cellular expressions, medical imaging provides direct visualization means to see through the human body and observe the minute anatomical changes and biological processes characterized by different physical and biological parameters.

Giving doctors more insight will help them to make better and informed decisions in and outside of the Operation Room (OR). That is what the team behind Staqs A.I seek to champion.

Staqs A.I is a tool that helps radiologists make key decisions like re-calling patients for additional testing after a mammogram. It is a deep learning AI platform that works with radiologists to easily detect breast cancer, identify brain tumors, and reduce unnecessary biopsies.

A doctor utilizes Staqs A.I portal to upload histopathological photographs or scans. The model examines the photographs and explains what they are, as well as the various circumstances. The AI tool analyzes photos, automates analysis, segments, classifies, and recognizes MRI images that initiate an early discovery and provide doctors with more information, potentially saving lives.

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“ We want to prevent misdiagnoses and also help identify early-stage cancerous cells. To do this, we are gunning for numerous partnerships and fundings as these two elements will facilitate our progress and aid us to consolidate our position in the market.”

“For starters, we will be operating as a research lab partnering with hospitals who will provide us with medical images to accelerate our training and keep the scope of the research local. This also means we will have to give a percentage them when we perform classification and predictions.”

“ Radiology will continue to be influenced by changes in reimbursement and practice trends. Rather than posing a danger to radiologists, we anticipate that these changes, particularly machine learning and artificial intelligence will enhance their value, efficiency, accuracy, and personal happiness,” the team stated.

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