The Digital Factory Dialogue || The City Planning Review; Episode 3

Mar. 15, 2022

Rail transport is an essential component of the overall transport system and has solidly contributed to the growth and development of many countries.

While rail technology is widely used, the sector is about to enter a new era of innovation. In today's fast-paced global market, tech-driven rail transport will assist the industry in meeting safety goals, reducing environmental impact, and maintaining a competitive edge.

In Ghana, railway development started during the colonial era and slowly went to rack and ruin after the 80s. Currently, steps are being taken to rehabilitate the old rail network and, in some cases, totally rebuild others.

The Parliament of Ghana has approved an 84.4km rail line from Tema-Akosombo. It is essential for the revamping of the sector to be tech-driven. Although it will require huge capital, this will help build a robust rail system that is flexible enough to meet the challenges of tomorrow.

This edition of Digital Factory will shine the light on Tech-Driven Rail Transport, emphasising Ghana’s Rail Industry.